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Project-1 (Summer training) 
The one month summer training was done at the 'Plus Channel', in their production and post production department, with the production unit of 'Kabhie Kabhie' , a daily serial. This one month helped me to learn and involve into the actual process of professional video film making right from the scratch till the time it is aired. 

'Seasons' a multimedia, for the children of the age group 8-12. This multimedia, is based on the seasons of India, and takes children on a virtual tour to different parts of the country at different seasons. The children can choose a season and a part of the country and see all those changes that happens there as seasons go by. The main navigation is supported by a search engine, which helps find any information in the whole multimedia alphabetically. all information is given as audio and video clippings, so that it differs from the usual text mode of learning. Research was conducted for finding out how this age group behave with computers and input devices and also to decide on the most appropriate mode of teaching 

Project-3 (Final project) 
A website for 'Cochin Port Trust'. Cochin Port Trust is one of the leading ports in the South India. This project aims at creating a service based website for the port through which some of their services can be made easier and fast, with the unique features of the new medium. It also aims at creating a faster communication system between the port, their staff and the various business groups ranging from the shipping agent to the liner companies. 

Project-4 (Special project) 
'The Queen and her Jews'. The aim of this project is to identify a Historical vernacular pocket in a metropolis, and observe how its traditional culture has endured or adapted itself to form a new self into the present times.The role of a designer in this project is as an observer who looks through the past, present and the future of that community and also an attempt to learn more about the society in which he lives in. Moreover it is a photo documentation which traces the Jew community of Kochi (The queen of the arasbian sea) through the past to the present times.
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